Join the Association! 

For professionals

This is a kind of professional union, before which specific tasks can be set. Teachers can organize training seminars, consultations and conduct practices, deepening and developing their professional skills and knowledge.

For companies

the possibility of obtaining information about seminars, practices, participation in the events of the association. Organising consistent practices for the built team spirit of the company, relieving stress of employees, information support.

For associations, yoga centers

coordinated joint work to promote yoga in specific events or promotions, using the resources available to the association.

For people

Do yoga and improve personal practice under the supervision of instructors of international level, receive information and participate in all seminars and events associations, contribute to the promotion and development of yoga in Spain.

1. How to become a member of the association?

Very simple! Fill out the registration form or go to the headquarters of the ADYOGA association, where we fill out a small application form on the spot.

On the day of registration, you will be given a member card with the assigned number and you will get access to all the events of the association.

2. Membership quota

Membership fee is charged monthly, weekly or separately for 1 practice, depending on the type of association membership.

Type of membership depends on the quantity of planned practices at the association’s headquarters.

  • 4 practices 35 €
  • 8 practices 55 €
  • 12 practices 65 €
  • Unlimited 75 €

For private yoga practices, please contact Association.

3.  Membership terms and conditions

  • In order to have an access to all classes and events you must be a member of ADYOGA Association.
  • All passes are not refundable.
  • Membership cards may be frozen due to medical conditions, business trips and force major with conditions of informing the Association in advance or on accurate day. 
  • Attendance at practices and events will be registered at the headquarters of the Association. Remember to seal your card for each practice for maintaining an accurate record of yoga practice activities.
  • If  the Association is closed for holidays or others reasons, class passes memberships will be automatically extended for the duration of  days closed.
  • Everyone is welcome to join the association, both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners, instructors. The main thing is your desire (motivation) to practice yoga and share knowledge with others. The presence of personal experience is not important, as well as gender, age, religion, occupation. Each of us can be a yogi (yogi).

Complete the form, we will inform you for more details:

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